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If your stain could tell its own story, would it be a tale of horror? Or maybe a mystery with lots of suspects? Read how some Capture users found a happy endings to their stain stories.

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"We've always used our own steam cleaner to clean our carpeting, but last year, I was looking for a powder-type cleaner for my stairway, which is off-white berber. I found Capture online and went to the store and bought it. I did my stairs, and to my family's and my own amazement, the stairs looked like new and after 9 months they still look clean, and they get a lot of traffic - shoes or no shoes. The carpeting is 20 years old, and it is unbelievable! My 92 year old mom also noticed it when she came over shortly after it was cleaned. I told my friend about Capture, and she used it and loves it also. Just recently, we purchased some more and my daughter-in-law had some stains and I took her a bucket full. She did her whole entrance way and called me excited about how great her carpet looks and now she is buying more. It's a GREAT product and we love it!"

Diane C., Illinois   

"After using several different types of carpet cleaner and renting machines,hiring professonal I must say that your product does exactly what is says it will.  I was truly amazed at how well it performed.  You have a customer for life with me and my wife.  It is really refreshing to find a product that actually does the job it is designed to do.  Thank you for this great product. 

James B., Washington

"I have used Capture Dry Carpet cleaner for almost 20 years and have been very satisfied with the results. Recently we had a party with more than 170 guests at home and the carpet was heavily soiled on the walk way.  My daughter suggested steam/wet cleaning which we have never done on our carpet. I told her I use Capture and wait until she sees the result.  I sent her pictures of the "before" and "after" cleaning. She agreed and said, "looks great".

Asuncion D., California

"We have been using Capture since 1988.  The product was recommended to me by the retailer who sold us our w-2-w carpeting in 1988.  Although I admit to being skeptical about its effectiveness as a cleanser when he sold me my first container, I was totally sold on it after the first use.  I've been an advocate ever since. 

Two days ago, my husband and I were skiing and someone smeared grease on the back of the chair lift; my favorite ski jacket wound up with an ugly, greasy 4-5" smear, like a bulls-eye, on my back!  I tried oxy-clean, spray n wash stick, soaking and washing, but the stain remained.  I was disgusted and resigned to throwing out my ski jacket until that evening when I spilled a few drops of coffee on a hall scatter rug.  From long experience, I know that coffee is no match for Capture, and I automatically got out the capture & pre-mist to treat the rug.  Suddenly, (you know where this is going) a light bulb went on in my head.  If capture & pre-mist can clean coffee stains, why not try it on my ski jacket, which was "ruined" anyway.  I washed off the oxy-clean paste that I had applied (for the third time)to the jacket with very little success and patted the grease mark dry.  Then, I draped the jacket over a drying rack so the stain was in a slight depression, sprayed the stain with pre-mist, then brushed in a small amount of Capture.  I let it all sit for about 1 hour, then put the jacket in the wash with some powdered detergent.  I washed it and rinsed it twice with warm water.  I am absolutely amazed, and so is my husband: there is no evidence whatsoever that a grease mark was ever there, right in the middle of the jacket back!  I just wish I had taken before and after pictures.  Now, I'm not recommending you start marketing Capture as a clothes stain remover/cleaner, but it worked perfectly in this case!

Thanks for a great product that has cleaned my rugs for years and, now, my all-time favorite ski jacket"

Judy K., Nerw Jersey

"We recently switched to Capture products and the results are great! We've used tons of different products over the years to remove pet stains and Capture works the best. We no longer use any other brand and have recommended Capture to our family and friends for any stain removals and for general carpet cleaning."

Mario M., Washington

"I recently adopted a rescue dog that was supposedly housebroken and needless to say, it was not. I tried lots of different products but Capture was the best. Also, I'm outside a lot and spend time at a horse stable quite often. Several of my clothes had stains that would never come out, no matter what I tried. I used Capture on them one day by just spraying and letting it soak for a few minutes. After washing the items, to my amazement, all stains were gone and the piece of clothing looked brand new. So, in future, I have no reason to buy Oxi-Clean, Shout, Spray N Wash, etc. because your product is the best on the market. I know you advertise it for cleaning carpets and rugs, but it's really multi-purpose. Just thought you might like to hear what good luck I found with your products. Thank you."

Katherine W., Ohio

"This stuff is awesome! I've used it for wine, dirt, pet stains and various other stains of  unknown origins. Today, I used it on burgundy paint on cream carpet. I nearly cried when I noticed that at some point within the hour, I had dribbled paint on the carpet. I carefully wicked up as much paint as I could with a white t-shirt rag and water. The, I used Capture on the remaining paint stain. Worked like a charm. Burgundy Paint!!! Imagine that!!!"

Teresa L., Michigan

"I am a motivational speaker and author, and I was traveling. My daughter and her boyfriend were at my house when my wine rack that hangs down from the ceiling fell down and broke. Imagine six bottles of red wine all over my white carpet.

They soaked up as much as they could with towels and borrowed the neighbors vacuum. When I returned home a week later the carpet was a mess! But I had to leave the next day again to return a week later.  Well, now it was Christmas time, so I didn't have time to try to get the stain out Besides, I just KNEW that it would not come out, and I was not ready to find that out!  In January I had people over for a dinner party, and I explained to the guests what had happened. Lynn, one of the guests, told me about your product. What did I have to lose? I went to Lowe's, bought the product and tried it.  It was a miracle! My stain was almost gone. I e-mailed Lynn thanking her, and she suggested I do it again on the same area. I did. And the stain is gone. I really wanted to cry. I have only been in the house for one year, and I was not ready to replace the carpet. My neighbors (whose vacuum my daughter borrowed the night of the calamity) came over for a get together with the neighborhood last night and peeked into the dining room to see the spot. They asked me about the stain - how did I get it out - and I regaled everyone at the party with the success because of your wonderful product. There were so many people that started telling their stain stories, and I have no doubt that the home improvement store is being bombarded with my neighbors today - all excited to try your product on their stains. I just have to tell you I was so excited my neighbors said that I could be doing a commercial for you! Thank you. You have made my life so much easier, because of your product! "

Sandy G., Tennessee   

" I am a military wife, and staying in base housing with two kids under the age of 5 years old is hard at times. We have very light carpet, and the base charges for every stain. I found Capture products at my Commissary on Fort Lewis.  I was skeptical at first, but after I did it, I called all my other friends who are military spouses and let them know about it. It has taken out RED Hawaiian Punch stains that have been in there for months! Boot stains from my husband and their buddies! I love this stuff. I also use the quick dissolve steam clean tablets from you, also! I will never use anything else! This stuff is awesome!!."  

Meghan W., Washington  

"I thought I had ruined my 5'x8' beige area rug when I shampooed it, and the whole thing turned brown. Turns out that when the rug's backing gets wet, it stains the carpet fibers brown. I found Capture at a home improvement store and decided to give it a shot. I covered the entire rug with the powder, waited for it to dry, and vacuumed it up. Since the rug was so badly stained, it took more than one application, but the whole stain is gone, and the rug looks almost like new. It hasn't been this clean since we bought it - and that includes professional cleanings."  

Sherry M., Ohio  

"I have pretty much used every steam cleaning product available, as well as spot cleaners. My son has spilled everything on our carpet - nacho cheese, iced tea,  salad dressing, and much more. Capture got out the stains that TWO previous cleanings (with other brands) had missed. This is the best product I've found. It even did away with the pet smell. Thank you so much!" 

Jennifer W., Georgia 

"My wife and I sold our luxury condominium for top dollar. When we were moving out, we were shocked to discover deep black stains below a computer that had been sitting upright next to my desk - on white carpet no less. We had received Capture from the designer of a handmade carpet created for our home, but I was pessimistic about how effective it would be on such deeply imbedded black marks. To my amazement (and to the benefit of the new homeowners), your product removed the stains completely. Capture is the only carpet cleaning product we use now. Thank you!"

Jim M., Washington

"I wanted to write you, because I think it should be known that your product Capture has worked for me time and time again. I am a professional carpet and rug cleaner since 1979. I use Capture on many of my customers' very expensive Persian area rugs. It works beautifully every time!  Capture is also great to use on reappearing stains; it wicks the stain right up. I always know that when other spotting agents fail, I always have Capture in my bag of tricks. Thanks for a great product!"

Richard S., New York

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