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"Actually, this story is not as great for me as it was for my customer. I sell carpet, you see! A lady came in to my store to replace a room of 'near white' carpet because she was going to sell her house. She didn't really want to replace it, but her daughter had spilled tea right in the middle of the room. She had tried many different products and couldn't clean the floor. She decided to try Capture, before we replaced the carpet. It worked! It took all of the stains out! The upside for me was that she told everyone she knew, and I've sold even more Capture since."

Cathy S., Kentucky

"I never believed that a cleaner - any cleaner- could save my carpet, but in my local home store, Capture caught my eye. I'm so glad it did! I am a dog breeder, and I raise several litters of pups a year. At any given time, I have anywhere from four to twenty dogs in my home. I don't use kennels or cages; I hand raise the puppies. That means LOTS of clean up. I used to let the professionals come in and restore my home to what it once was after the pups were gone, and I would spend a fortune doing it. Capture saved my carpet, my house, and my sanity. The dogs are easier to house train because the Capture system removes the urine and pet odors from the carpet. Stains are gone - and I do mean gone! Thank you for making a product that really works. All of my puppies will be taking a Capture Total Care Kit with them to their new homes and owners. Thanks for eliminating the mess from a job I adore!"

Heidi S., Oklahoma

"This cleaner is the best by far (and I have tried many). I have a 3 year old child , 7 cats and 1 dog. I could not believe how fast and easy this product was to use with them running around. There was no drying time, or towels needed to make path ways for us all to use while the carpet was drying. And the dirty marks on our creamy beige colored carpet have not resurfaced since using your product. With other products, the stain would have resurfaced in a week and a half, but we are going on a strong 3 weeks, and my carpet is still clean thanks to Capture. Keep on making this great product!!"

Kelly T., Virginia  

"OH MY GOODNESS ... this is absolutely the best product !!!!! I can get out stains that even a carpet company can't get out - and I speak from experience ! I might add also, it lasts for a very long time. Thank you for a wonderful product!"

Mellie N., Florida

"Capture worked great! When the carpeting in the den in front of the couch looked so good, I decided I wanted more of this powder for the other traffic areas in my house. I have a steam cleaner but this was so much easier and I think it does a better job."

Anita S., Minnesota

"Hello! We just wanted to thank you for making such a miracle product! We recently moved into a home with stains on the family room carpet. It had been professionally cleaned, but the stains (one nasty one in particular) remained. We used every product we could find, but nothing budged the stain. We scrubbed it to the point I was afraid we would wear out the carpet! Finally, on a trip to Lowe's, I spotted your product and picked it up, not expecting much. Amazingly, the first stain I used it with was on a white carpet in my living room where one of our dogs had thrown up, and it worked great. Finally, I decided to try it on the awful stain in the family room, which I know had been there for a few years, and what a shock to vacuum up the powder and find the stain finally gone! Thank you!"

Jean C., Idaho

"HI! I am writing to tell you that I am VERY pleased with your products. I was recently at a home improvement store, and bought some Capture. I am using it right now and took a break to say thanks. My carpet looks great - and that says a lot since it sees a lot of kid and pet traffic. I also love the fresh aroma.. not too anything, just fresh. Well, back to cleaning..."

Kris S., Texas

"I'd like to tell you how great your product is. I've tried all kinds of carpet products and steam cleaners and none beat yours. I'd almost given up trying to remove a soiled spot in my living room until I found Capture, and I'm so happy it worked. I thought I had to replace my 2 year old carpet because of the stubborn spot on my off-white carpet that got worse after I tried all known remedies. Thank you and I will never buy any other spot cleaner again."

Martha T., Colorado

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